Create Custom Mac Icons

Have you ever wanted to create custom folder icons on your Mac? If so, you have come to the right place. This page describes how to create custom folder icons on your Mac. You will find a template allowing you to create custom folder images based on the Mac OS X look and feel. You will learn how to use the img2icns tool to convert your custom folder images to Mac OS X folder icons. Let's get started!

Step 1: Create a customized folder image

Here's a template I created for creating custom folder icons on a Mac. The folder icon looks similar to Mac OS X folder, exect that there's an area surrounded by a beveled border for adding an image. The folder cover is closed flat, whereas Mac OS X folders have an slightly folded open look. This modification was made to allow the image area to have straight borders. Although the template is large (512px x 512px), Mac OS X will automatically resize it based on the Finder icon size setting. The template is available in two formats, PNG and PSD (Photoshop). Click on the link to the right to download the PSD version if you have Photoshop, or on the PNG version if you are using using image editing software that will not open PSD files.

You may download the Mac Custom Folder Icon Template files for your own individual use. You may freely use them or modify them to create images for your personal use. You may not use the files or the icons created by them for any other purpose, such as redistribution or use in a commercial product. The files are furnished free of charge and provided "as is". WebTransformer does not provide any warranty whatsoever, whether express, implied, or statutory, including, but not limited to, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or any warranty that the contents of the item will be error-free. If these terms are unacceptable or not allowed by law in your location, you may not download the files.

  Mac Custom Folder Icon Template    
View and download PNG file  
Download Photoshop file
 Mac Custom Folder Icon Template

Step 2: Insert your own image into the template

Edit the Photoshop or PNG file above and insert your own photo or illustration into the image area. If you are working with the Photoshop file, you will need to save it as a PNG file in order to convert it into a Mac icon. The example below has Van Gogh's Irises inserted in the image area. Click on the file icon to view and download the full-sized PNG file.

  Mac Custom Folder Icon Example    
View and download PNG file
 Mac Custom Folder Icon Image Example

Step 3: Download and install img2icns

You will need the img2icns application to convert a PNG file into a Mac OS X folder icon. The free version will work just fine for this purpose. Download img2icns and install it on your Mac.

Step 4: Create a Mac folder with your customized icon

Launch img2icns once you have installed it. Drag and drop the PNG file containing your customized icon to the img2icns area marked Drop images here. Click the img2icns Folder button to create a folder with the customized icon. Here is what img2icns will look like if you use the example provided above:

  Img2icns with Icon      
 Img2icns with Custom Icon Image

Step 5: Copy the customized folder icon to the folder of your choice

If you want to use the folder you just created, you are done. If you want to use the customized icon for an existing folder, you will need to copy-paste the new folder icon to an existing folder. Start by opening the Info panel of the folder you created with the customized icon. Next, open the Info panel of the folder you want to apply the customized icon to. On the Info panel of the folder you created, click on the small folder icon that appears near the top of the panel and enter CommandC. Click on the small folder icon that appears near the top of the Info panel of the folder you want to apply the customized icon to and enter CommandV. The customized icon will now appear on the existing folder.

  Copy-paste folder icon      
 Copy-paste Folder Icon

Congratulations, you have just created a customized folder icon!