At A Glance

This custom Soloist guitar features a clear coated padauk top over a mahogany bottom. It outputs three voices: magnetic pickups for the traditional electric guitar sound, piezo pickups for an acoustic guitar sound, and MIDI output to drive synthesizers. It represents the third version of an evolving design, hence the "3V3" in its name.


The magnetic pickups are hidden behind a patent-applied-for mounting system, with each mount capable of holding humbucker or single-coil size pickups. The pickup height adjustment screws are accessible from the back of the guitar, completely hiding them from the front. The mounts are made from clear coated padauk, blending in with the body.


A Varitone circuit provides tone control with a 6-way rotary switch. The neck and bridge pickup outputs are mixed together with a blend knob, which feeds the magnetic volume knob. The piezo pickup has its own volume knob, as does the MIDI voice. Switches allow any combination of the three voices to be selected. An up/down MIDI program switch is also provided. Missing are the usual tone knobs. They are usually set to "10" anyway, and the Varitone circuit more than makes up for the the lack of tone knobs.


Connecting a standard ¼" guitar cable to the output jack mixes the magnetic and piezo voices together. Connecting a stereo TRS ¼" cable results in separate magnetic and piezo output signals.